Private Equity

Private Equity

Do you need financing and stock exchanges are too volatile or inaccessible, while banks consider your credit risk too high?

HCM will help you maximize value by providing your firm with financing from private markets (buyout, growth and VC funds or business angels).

Regardless of the sector, size or stage of the company’s development, HCM investment philosophy is based on the same, immutable values, which ensure that our success depends on your success;

Long term value approach – we focus on creating value reflected in eminence, which can only be achieved with years of creativity, hard work and determination;

Active support – we understand your business: the challenges and opportunities you face, the problems and risks you have to deal with on a daily basis, the taste of success and failure. We have probably already learned many of the lessons that still lie ahead of you as for the last 25 years we have been businessman, entrepreneurs, executive and supervisory board members, corporate and investment bankers and fund managers;

Access to know-how – we provide companies with access to the highest level of international know-how and to best practices in their sectors.

Trust – we look for high quality first and second tier management and then do everything to support their growth from advisory services through contacts to training.

Communication – our goal is to build market leaders with sustainable competitive advantage in the region and beyond. This can only be done in close, open, frank and frequent cooperation focusing on the key drivers.