Criteria for Cooperation

Criteria for Cooperation

Please make sure your company complies with at least half of these parameters:

Number 1 to 3 player in its industry with sustainable competitive advantage, scalable business model and effective barriers to entry or potential, ambition to become one

Minimum 3 years of profitable history, good predictability of earnings and ongoing recurring revenue stream with min. €50 million potential

High quality first and second tier management team

Diversified customer base and ability to expand internationally

Favourable industry fundamentals + earnings momentum and visibility

Historical or acquired hidden values @ attractive price

Predefined multiple exit opportunities (takeover target, IPO, replacement)

Clear value creation via growth, improvement of business processes and increase incorporate flexibility focusing on:

  • regionalization of domestic businesses or globalization of international players,
  • strategic restructuring by refocusing businesses on core competencies and operational excellence,
  • high-growth subsectors or business models.